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How to transport oversize loads?

How to transport oversize loads?

How to transport oversize loadsProbably, many people faced with transporting of oversize loads. The complexity of this process lies in the size, because mostly freight has a body with length of up to 5 meters. Another problem is the weight of the load. If it is large, often it is also heavy. For these two reasons, the use of standard truck is simply impossible. And then come to the aid long-meter cars, which have an elongated body. They are used specifically for the transport of oversize and other non-standard sizes goods.

Before you order the services of long-size car, it is strongly recommended to understand what subspecies of such transport we have.

All kinds of long transport are divided into three main categories. Depending on the length of the body, they are:

  • short (6 meters);
  • average (9 meters);
  • long (12 m or more).