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How to choose the carpet in the trunk

How to choose the carpet in the trunk

First we need to determine which pad you would like to receive: general or specifically for your vehicle. The last option is certainly more profitable and practical. However, if the model of your car is not as prevalent in the market, and you have difficulty matching accessories, the versatile mat is an excellent choice. Of course, in this case it is necessary to trim it to the shape of your trunk or accept the fact that the mat will lie smoothly.

carpet in the trunk

Then select the material of mats, taking into account the recommendations up (textile, rubber, plastic, polyurethane)

Note the presence of the flanges at the carpets: most of the models have high sides, providing additional protection for the luggage compartment from moisture and dirt.

 Prefer mat with tread: this surface reduces slipping items on the trunk.

Polyurethane mats – the most popular choice among motorists.These carpets have excellent flexibility, strength and durability. At the same time they weigh a lot less than rubber ones, and therefore are easy to install even for fragile girl.