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How to choose the car wheels

How to choose the car wheels

Choosing the car wheels, it is important to consider not only their appearance, but also a number of other characteristics. First of all, the dimensions of product: width, drilling and diameter. Secondly, the quality. Certified products must be considered first, as in this case the manufacturer is important. Thirdly, if it’s the first time you buy the wheels, don’t neglect the advises of consultants or more experienced drivers.

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One of the most important nuances in choosing the wheels is the diameter of the openings for mounting and their quantity. The right wheels are those, whose pitch circle diameter coincides with that of the car, indicated in the technical documentation.

Do not forget also to consult about the wheel care. Though they’re unpretentious, you should dry them carefully after the cleaning and use the detergents without ammonia for cleaning. As an additional protection, you can cover the wheels with the special wax every three months.

Be ready to pay a substantial amount of money, as the cheap product is likely to prove low-quality. The coating of such wheels will fall off within the first months of use, and the lack of durability can cause many problems on the road.