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Fault-tolerant electric power steering

Fault-tolerant electric power steering

electric power steeringDenso has created the new version of EPS system (Electric Power Steering), proving the control of the vehicle in case of failure of the electric power steering.

This technology is completely new for Denso, and the company didn’t use the any previous developments during its creation.

EPS of the new generation has an additional secondary block of steering. Once finalized, the system has become lighter and smaller than the traditional mechanisms. The additional unit is passive during driving and starts working only in the case of failure of the main electric control system as 2012 Camry headlight bulb.

Denso is sure that the introduction of these technologies is a step towards the production of fully automated car control system. Besides, EPS technology proves that the company cares not only about the quality and productivity, but also the clients’ safety. The new technology efficiently addresses the possible risks to the driver. At the same time, it is very cost-effective due to its small sizes and weight.