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2010-2012 Hyundai Santa Fe Review

2010-2012 Hyundai Santa Fe Review

The Hyundai Santa Fe was already wasn’t well rounded SUV for 2010 Hyundai updated it with 2 new powertrains and we bought both the test a deal less 4 cylinder and a limited V6. Let’s see if the changes improved on what was already a pretty nice SUV. Compared to the top level 3.336 that was in the old Santa Fe is 3.5 liter is better on. Powerful quicker in gets better fuel economy. And actually had enough power that many of the drivers thought was easy to spin the front tires. Pricing we the fuel economy is about the same level as the 4 cylinder version and part of that credit goes to the 6 speed transmission. Not surprisingly the 2.4 liter, is slower power still adequate.

Hyundai SantaRegardless of which engine you pick the right in the Santa Fe is good it’s compliant absorbs road disturbances well unfortunately both versions we tested had some odd suspension noise in those bumps and jolts combined with some low speed road noise and some wind noise at highway speeds to give reasonable cabin noise but it certainly wasn’t hot. Santa Fe also handles well its modest size makes it easy to maneuver and place on the road and the steering is responsible it’s a bit lightly weighted in emergency maneuvers and handling it secure but it doesn’t mean a bit in corners.

Inside the Santa Fe is roomy and comfortable you sit high you have a nice few out some drivers actually found the set a little bit too high they wanted the seat to go a bit lower to give them more headroom especially if you have the optional sunroof. Controller can is simple and stress free that place tie so they’re easy to see if they have large displays and knobs making it very easy to use. Seats are a bit flat in the Santa Fe and the clock versions can be spongy in their support content to give away over time the leather are better bit more supportive and then helped by their adjustable lumbar support. See the thing is easy to get in and out of both the front and the rear seats and the rear seats have good legroom and headroom as well and one nice addition.

The rear seats recline. The large handle on the lift gate is easy to operate. And once inside you’ll find plenty of easy to access cargo area which you won’t find any more as a third row seat. The Hyundai Santa Fe continues to be a pleasant SUV and the new powertrains make it even more well rounded and consider you can get the 4 cylinder version for about the same price as smaller less equipped models and the V6 even though it doesn’t have a third row anymore stands up to larger more expensive competition.